David Icke on the Covid situation and the economic crash — transcribed interview

In late March I shared an interview with David Icke about the Covid-19 situation, the crashing of the economy and how that relates to the cult which wants to controls the world. (link)

One of my readers got so much out of that video that she transcribed it. For those who do not like to watch videos, or who do not have the time to watch the video, here is her transcription. I have edited it to give you just the meat of it. My edits are shown by ellipses (…).

Transcription of David Icke – The Truth behind the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 lockdown & the Economic Crash.

interview recorded March 18th, 2020

Brian Rose: …My guest today is David Icke, the English writer and public speaker… Calling yourself a full-time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world. ….David, there’s an ancient Chinese expression that says, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Some say it’s a curse. What do you see in the world? What are you concerned about? And do you feel for the British citizens and global citizens?

(4:32) David Icke: For thirty years, I’ve been warning people in my books and in every other way I can that this world is controlled by a cult. It’s a cult that has no borders. It operates in all the (at least major) countries. In fact, all the countries in the end, and particular in those countries that dictate the direction of the world. … It wants to create a beyond-Orwellian global state in which a tiny, few people dictate to everyone else. I’ve referred to this as The Hunger Games Society.

And you can picture the structure very clearly. Picture a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, you’ve got a tiny few enormously wealthy people that actually are connected to this cult. We now have a name for them; we call them The One Percent.

(6:00) At the bottom of this pyramid in The Hunger Games society is basically the rest of humanity that is dependent upon the 1%. And in between the two is a vicious, merciless police-military state to impose the will of the 1% on the population, and to prevent the population from challenging the 1%.

And this Hunger Games society is not classic fascism. It’s not classic communism – although the outcome in terms of tyranny is the same. It is a technocracy. A technocracy is defined as a society that is controlled by bureaucrats, experts, scientists, engineers – technocrats.

And the ability of that situation to happen is through smart technology and AI [Artificial Intelligence]. The idea is that everything will be connected to AI. This is what the Internet is all about. And if you listen to the crazies in Silicon Valley, they’re telling you that in the period around 2030 ( a year that keeps coming up from all directions) we will have a situation where the human brain will start to be connected to AI. And thus, whoever controls AI will be connecting and driving the perceptions of humanity. And that can be done from a central point through this smart grid – global smart grid. So, that’s the structure that they want.

(8:00) They also want a society completely cashless where everything is digital money. A single one world currency which will be run through this smart grid.

Now … there are two major techniques that are being used to bring about that situation. One I call Problem-Reaction-Solution — where you covertly create a problem. You use the unquestioning, pathetic mainstream media to tell the public the version of the problem you want them to believe. And you’re looking at stage two, the Reaction, for fear (that’s the currency of control), outrage, whatever the problem is, and either a demand from the public that something must be done, or at least an acceptance from the public that things need to change because of the problem.

And at that point, those who’ve created the problem – got that reaction openly and changes in society – [they] offer the solutions to the problems they have themselves covertly created.

And those changes, step by step, take us further and further to that Hunger Games society.

(9:22) There’s another version which I call No Problem-Reaction-Solution, where you don’t need a real problem. You just need the perception of one—weapons of mass destruction in Iraq—and you still have the ability to provide your society-changing solution.

The stablemate of Problem-Reaction-Solution is what I call The Totalitarian Tip Top, where you start at A and you know you’re going to Z, but you know if you go in too big a leap, people will look up from the game show and the latest Simon Cowell and say, ‘What’s going on? What’s going on?’ because the change is so great.

So, you do it in as big a step as you can towards your outcome, but not so fast or big that you alert too many people to the fact that it’s a pattern. What you want people to believe is that everything is random.

And I have this other phrase which relates to all this: Know the outcome and you’ll see the journey.

If you don’t know where this world is being taken by this cult, then everything seems random. Coronavirus…random. Climate change…random. Economic crash…random.

But when you know where we’re being taken—you know the outcome, this Hunger Games structured society—now the apparently random events become clear stepping stones to that outcome.

(11:00) Now, let’s take all of that and apply it to the corona virus and what’s happening now, and let people decide for themselves if they think that the fact that the corona virus hysteria ticks every single box of that outcome, that goal, whether that’s a coincidence. I absolutely do not believe that it is.

And you know, you mentioned that you don’t think that it was a created virus, but the fact is, whether it was or whether it wasn’t doesn’t matter to the fact that once you roll this out it takes on a momentum of its own.

Brian Rose: I agree with that.

David Icke: And therefore, what is unfolding was desperately predictable. And in fact, we’ll get into this as we chat, two massive One Percent organizations (one 6 weeks before this virus came to light in China) were playing out scenarios and simulations based on exactly this scenario that’s unfolding now. And what they said would happen is exactly what is happening, down to the fine detail.

Brian Rose: Okay, but the corona virus IS real and it is dangerous. You do believe that?
David Icke: Well, not as a black and white. No.
Brian Rose: Okay, but is real?

David Icke: Obviously there is a strain of this corona virus (there are many corona viruses) which appears to be different. But if you look in terms of the danger, the danger is to a certain section of society.

Did you know [that] mainstream doctors—I was in an interview with one in America only two or three days ago—and they’re saying ‘Well, just to put into context, 80% of people that are diagnosed with coronavirus have very mild symptoms.’ The ones that are in danger – and by the way, in danger from any virus, including the classic flu – are those that have compromised immune systems. And they are old people, elderly people, and they are people with what is termed pre-existing health problems. Why? The pre-existing health problems are putting so much pressure on the immune system, it’s already weak when it’s hit with this. This is why someone like that will have potentially a serious situation, and someone with an immune system in working order of any level will just swat it away.

(14:06) And, another point. Have we not learned yet to take what the authorities tell us with a pinch of salt until it’s proved otherwise? Do you know, there was a lady called Dr. Deborah Birx (she’s the White House corona virus coordinator) she said in a press conference two days ago [Transcriptionist’s note: i.e., ~March 16], that 96% plus of those who have been tested for corona virus in South Korea were negative. And she said, and our testing results in America show about the same. And so, when you are diagnosing on the basis of symptoms, how the hell do you know they’ve got this “corona virus strain” and not something else?

Me and my son, Garrett, before Christmas, we both went down with this illness. And now as I read the symptoms of this corona virus strain, we had word-for-word, point-by-point, every single symptom. And that means one of two things: It means either this corona virus strain was going around Britain then, before it even emerged out of China, OR, far more likely, we got something else with exactly the same symptoms. So, I would hold back on believing the figures.

I question any figures coming out of mainstream authority. I’ve been investigating the mainstream everything for 30 years. And, you know, most of the time, if they ever told the truth they would genetically implode from the shock. So, I question everything, and if it stands up, it stands up. But I don’t just take it because somebody in a suit told me to believe it.

For instance, you know, in 2017–2018, 45 million people in America got the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures. 61,000 died. Where was the hysteria then? 61,000 people died.

(17:00) Brian Rose: Well, they say that this is more dangerous and more contagious, and will potentially gonna kill more people. Because otherwise, that’s a good question David. Everyone’s like, ‘Well, how come people weren’t worried about this when the flu from ’18 killed 50,000 and this has only killed 8,000?’

David Icke: The point is, though, according to officialdom, 80% of the people who get the coronavirus (diagnosed as the corona virus; they’ve not necessarily all got it) have very mild symptoms. The vast majority of the rest have what they call moderate symptoms. And that leaves some with compromised and weakened immune systems who get the serious end of it. And they get the serious end of the flu as well and other viruses.

Brian Rose: And these people are clogging up the Italian healthcare system. Do you believe that’s true?

David Icke: The point is that what we surely should be doing is focusing on those people and doing what is necessary to protect them and their immune systems from the consequences.

But to have the vast majority of the population, who, at most will have mild symptoms, some even no symptoms…I mean, I remember this story. One of the first Scottish people to get the virus was interviewed on a local BBC radio station, and he said, ‘Well, I had a bit of a mild fever.’ What’s that? That’s the immune system using heat to kill the predator. Just perfectly immune system response. So anyway, he says, ‘So, I got checked out and they said I’ve got corona virus, and they said you’ve got to go to hospital.’ He said, ‘But I felt alright. Uh, I’ve got a few aches and stuff, but I’ll be alright.’ He said, ‘So, I go to hospital. By the time I get to hospital,’ he said, ’the symptoms are gone.’ And he’s gone down as a statistic in the “corona virus” numbers.

So, when you’ve got people who are getting that – even if they do get it, on a vast scale in terms of percentage who have that response – you get an even greater number who don’t get it…And for that, you destroy the world economic system.

(19:28) Now, let’s go back to how I started. One of the things I’ve been pointing out as a Problem-Reaction-Solution that was coming to transform human society was a pandemic because of all the boxes it ticks. But what I’ve been saying for the best part of 30 years, is they are planning an enormous economic crash … And so, this coronavirus hysteria gives the excuse to do what they’re doing. And the outcome and the consequences of what they’re doing is to dismantle the world economic system.

This Hunger Games society is designed to have no small business, no even medium-sized business, globally. Just gigantic corporations that control and produce everything. Amazon is a classic example of what I’m talking about. What this corona virus hysteria is creating is a situation unfolding by the hour, worldwide, that is destroying small business, family business, even medium-sized business. Some even, you’re gonna see even big business, too. It’s destroying them!

The big legacy of what is happening now will not be to do with health, long-term; it will be economic.

Brian Rose: I agree with you.

David Icke: It will be catastrophic. Now, here’s the point. What happens to those people whose businesses collapsed? What happens to all those people who were working for those businesses? For bars? For hotels? For all these businesses that have been targeted? ‘Don’t go there!’ ‘Shut down!’ What happens to them? They fall into the bottom of the Hunger Games society. And what we’re seeing now, every day, is this Hunger Games society coming closer and closer and closer because of what’s being done in the name of “protecting the people”.

I got news for you. You go deep enough into this system, they don’t give a shit about “the people”. We are being asked to believe now that this system cares about old people: – ‘We must protect the old people.’ ‘We must destroy the world economy to protect the old people.’

Oh, these would be “the old people,” would they, that have paid in their entire life through taxation and other means, and at the end in their final years, they get handed a pittance of a pension which gives them the choice between being warm or being hungry. And what does that do? When people are going without essential things because the system doesn’t care, and they’re having to buy shite food because that’s all they can afford! They can’t have nutrients to boost their immune systems because they can’t afford them…and the mainstream’s not telling them they need them anyway. And at the same time they’re breathing in shit air, drinking in toxic water and other drinks. Being deluged with sugar which has a phenomenally destructive impact on the immune system.

All this is going on. We’re living in an electromagnetic, technologically generated soup of radiation toxicity and this system has allowed that to happen. Has allowed corporations to do that. And now, having done all that – that’s devastated the lives and the immune systems of old people – we are being asked to believe that the system cares about the health of the elderly. It. Doesn’t. Give. A. Shit. And I’m not talking about the nurses. I’m not talking about the doctors. I’m talking about that at the core which is driving this.

And the idea that all these things are being done to protect the elderly. They don’t give a shit about the elderly. The elderly are an excuse to impose the very society that I’m talking about.

Now if you look at when these things happened and great Orwellian and draconian things are put in place – ‘Oh, we’ve got to do this because of the problem’ – well, the “problem” eventually passes.

This virus will eventually flatten out, but what you see every time (9/11 is a classic) they’ll roll back some of it, but not nearly roll back to where it was before. The whole thing’s moved on, closer to the Hunger Games society.

Another thing you’re going to see. … They want a cashless society. A digital, cashless society. One world currency. Which has phenomenal implications for freedom. They want to get rid of cash. …

And you know, what was it this guy, Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization – a man I wouldn’t trust to tell me the time in a room full of clocks – he said, ‘Don’t touch cash. Use cards because the virus can pass on through cash.’

I’ve come up here, today, for this chat. Three times, in places that are always cash, I had cash turned down. ‘No, we’re only taking cards.’

And when this runs on, they’re going to be justifying a cashless society on the basis of that you can pass viruses through it. And they’re going to be saying, ‘We can’t have this again. We can’t have this happen again.’ So, you’re going to have more technological testing of people for whether they have a temperature, all this stuff, and the whole surveillance is going to move on. Exactly as it has in China.

Brian Rose: Right.

David Icke: If people thought China had reached the point of beyond Orwellian, well, you just look at what they’ve brought in as a result of this corona virus.

Brian Rose: I want to talk about that technology because it’s a very good point. … I know what you’re saying, that these things will pass, and we’re crushing our global economy which actually has bigger implications than the health. I agree with you. This will ruin people’s lives.

(27:47) David Icke: Not only that, it will cause massive amounts of ill health and death.

Brian Rose: I agree with that, too. It’s just pushing it down further. But what about these people that are dying and clogging up hospitals and the fact that it could happen with the NHS? [National Health Service UK]. That is a reality.

David Icke: Well, I’ve thought all along and it seems to be the case that the strain that is prevalent in Italy is something of a stronger nature than what’s generally circulating. And also in Iran. That’s something else. Just as an aside: we have a country targeted by America and by Israel – Iran – and as this virus came out of China, of all the countries in all the world, Iran got it smack, worse than anyone before it started to appear in Italy.

… I mentioned one of the Problem-Reaction-Solutions that they were going to use to justify this Hunger Games society was a pandemic. You look at the movie Contagion, I think it was 2011.

Brian Rose: I watched it, last week.

David Icke: It tells about it’s basically coming out of China and stuff like that.

Brian Rose: Yeah. Steven Soderbergh. It’s got Jude Law in there. Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s very interesting, very well-made.

(29:56) David Icke: Yeah, but, you know, I’ve talked to you in previous chats about something called preemptive programming, where they preempt something to put it into the subconscious mind; even the conscious mind through Hollywood. And then, suddenly it kind of happens for real.

I was sent a document from 2010 that was published by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation, obviously, is a front for the Rockefeller family, which is fundamentally involved in this global cult.

To see the 2010 document by the Rockefeller Foundation, go here:

Archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20200418022352/https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_rockefeller10

In fact, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were the creators of the World Health Organization, which is there to control health policy and direct the deception of health and all its forms from a central point.

Brian Rose: You don’t trust the WHO, at all?

David Icke: Well, it’s currently headed by a guy called Tedros, from Ethiopia, who was a politbureau member in a Marxist government that has been running Ethiopia for a long time. He was health minister and exposed three times for covering up cholera epidemics in Ethiopia. And now, he’s head of the World Health Organization, telling us about the corona virus. You will understand if I don’t agree or even believe a word that comes out of his mouth. See, these organizations are not there to serve the public. They’re there to serve this agenda.

So, who came out and said: Don’t touch cash! You pass on the virus! Tedros. Same guy. He is the one that praised China for wonderful job they did with the corona virus and what have you.

Now, this Rockefeller Foundation document was about a scenario involving a flu pandemic and it described what would happen. That China would use authoritarian, draconian methods to meet the challenge. And then the West wouldn’t basically start like that, but then would become the same. And this whole global lockdown was described in this document.

And then we move to six weeks before the virus came to light in China, and we had something called Event 201. This was a simulation of a corona virus pandemic which involved the World Economic Forum, which has its meeting every years in Davos –this is the One Percent One Percent – and involved the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, the guy that wants to vaccinate the frickin’ world, AND, by the way, is funding the electronic tracking of people so that the authorities know if they’ve been vaccinated or not, through an organization he funds called GAVI.

GAVI = Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation.
More info about GAVI can be found here https://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/together-at-home-was-an-infomercial-for-the-global-elite-and-its-agenda/

And they ran this simulation called Event 201, in which they inserted, you know, scenarios or simulated news reports. And if you watch them—you can see it, it’s on the Internet—it’s just like the news reports we’re seeing in the media. And they were discussing, ‘Ok, what can we do?’ And, there was a whole area of this simulation where they’re discussing how they control information, and they’re saying, ‘How do we deal with the anti-vaxxers?’ ‘How do we make sure that the official narrative of the pandemic is the one that’s dominating the Internet and all these lines of communication?’ and not what they call ‘conspiracy theories’ putting another point of view.

And all these things they talked about in this scenario have happened! We’ve had Facebook and Goggle saying that they’re going to make sure that, first of all, the World Health Organization version gets free advertisements and they’re going to suppress the other opinion, what they call conspiracies and what have you, and disinformation and fake news. Who decides if it is? They do. We’ve had YouTube this week say because they don’t have the same number of staff they’re going to now have videos taken down, purely by AI, algorithms, and because of that, they say, a lot more videos are going to be taken down, even those that don’t break what they call community guidelines.

So, all these things that were decided in this Gates/ World Economic Forum/ One Percent simulation, six weeks before, that they should happen, are happening.

Brian Rose: And that was all public information about them doing that? Or, you got the report about it, okay.

David Icke: No, no, no. I read about the actual document of the Rockefeller Foundation and its scenario, which is exactly what has played out, but the Event 201 simulation was filmed. You can see it on the Internet. [Event 201]

Brian Rose: And now they’re running that playbook right now, is that what you’re saying?

(35:50) David Icke: Exactly the same. Another thing is that at the same time that that simulation was taking place, 10,000 military personnel and support staff were attending the World Military Games in Wuhan, China. So, that is, I’m not…again, I’m not saying this happened, but we have to put… If we’re not going to be scammed and just believe the official narrative, we have to explore possibilities. And another possibility is that that World Military Games was a wonderful front to release some kind of virus in that same area.

So, all these things are something that have to be explored and put into the mix. Because what happens if you only believe the official version of everything is [this:] – the official solution for the problem you believe in is going to take us further and further down the road to a society that would make George Orwell bloody wince.

And all the things that I’ve said this cult wants, this cult is getting as a result of this corona virus.

Brian Rose: Okay, what do we do about this situation in Italy? Do you think it’s correct to lock everybody down, you know, if it is this bigger strain? Do you think that is the intelligent solution to ease off on the hospitals, because, you know, you agree, people are dying most likely up there. What do we do in that situation? Is there a point where a big reaction IS warranted?

David Icke: Well, you have to keep the reaction in proportion to the problem. So, maybe what needs doing in places like (or parts of) Italy. But the point is you’ve got to keep your eye on the rest of it. And how you can see the world completely transformed and economically demolished by taking action now that will have phenomenal non-[poor audio] consequences.

And so, when you look in the global average, and in most other countries, the number of people who are seriously affected by this, against all those who are not, the way the whole economic system is being shut down is suicide. And what happens when it reaches a point where, in its present state, it cannot survive? A whole new economic system comes in, which is the one this cult wants. …

This cult wants to transform the world economic order into this technocratic, AI-controlled tyranny. …

Brian Rose: Now, the people in America, Trump and his advisors and the people, Boris Johnson and his advisors, are going to say that the virus, since it spreads exponentially, needs drastic action, now. That’s what they say. ‘We have to shut everything down, so it doesn’t become, you know, ‘1,000 x’ in the next 14 days, which…can happen with a virus. It can happen with something which grows exponentially. That’s true, right? You just don’t believe that’s the case here.

David Icke: What I keep coming back to is the effect on the health of the overwhelming, vast majority which have immune systems that just basically slap it aside. And it’s this small group of elderly people, who for reasons I’ve described have weakened immune systems, and those who have other health conditions and therefore weakened immune systems, they’re the ones in danger.

So, if we focused everything on them, and if necessary isolate them, and focus your resources on them, so no one goes hungry and no one is in need. But the rest of the population – ‘80%, very mild symptoms or no symptoms; others with moderate symptoms’ – Well, are we going to destroy the world economic system by saying that those people also have to isolate and not go to work? For me, that’s crazy.

Focus on those who are in danger. Throw everything at them. Cocoon them, if necessary; but cocoon them with fairness, and with compassion, and with total support. But the rest of the population…I got exactly the same symptoms, I repeat, before Christmas and I carried on working. It wasn’t pleasant for two or three days. Coughed some stuff up and all that, but you get on with it. …

And what we have now, is the corona virus version of that. Everything is ‘corona virus’. We don’t even know if so many people have been logged as having had it actually have it. When you’re testing, like I said earlier, on symptoms, well, these symptoms are true of many different things. Who says this person’s got it, or this person hasn’t got it? We don’t know. The point is they’re not dying from it. They’re not even – most of them – being affected more than very mild symptoms. So, why are we locking them away, and bringing down the world economic system and destroying people’s businesses, livelihoods, ability to pay the rent? Why are we doing that and not just focusing totally on those who could have a serious problem because of their immune system deficiencies?

Brian Rose: I don’t know! And, they’re telling us …

David Icke: I’ll tell you why. Because if they carried on and allowed that to happen, the world economic system would not be demolished. And the idea is to demolish it, so you can replace it: Problem-Reaction-Solution. That’s why.


Note: I do not endorse Brian who interviewed David Icke. Nor do I endorse Brian’s website London Real. I don’t agree with what David says in the video from 1:30:00 onwards when he talks about his view of the afterlife and his philosophy that you create your own reality with your thoughts — he seems to have New Age philosophy.

References and Further Reading/Viewing:

Rockefeller Foundation 2010 article which includes a world-wide pandemic scenario.

Archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20200418022352/https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_rockefeller10.htm

GAVI – Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. https://www.gavi.org/

Vigilant Citizen’s critique of GAVI – https://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/together-at-home-was-an-infomercial-for-the-global-elite-and-its-agenda/

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai explains his concerns about GAVI in his video
The Not So Obvious Establishment. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video go to 10:17 in the video, then 46:45, then 56:40.

Event 201 – https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/

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I do not endorse Brian who interviewed David Icke. Nor do I endorse Brian’s website London Real. I don’t agree with what David says from 1:30:00 onwards when he talks about his view of the afterlife and his philosophy that you create your own reality with your thoughts — he seems to have New Age philosophy. “You create your own reality with your thoughts and perceptions” is similar to the cult of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, E. W Kenyon, the Word Of Faith Movement, etc.

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How the British Establishment hide child abuse

Phoenix shows all the emails he has received from the British authorities from July 2018 to December 2019. These messages demonstrate exactly how the British Establishment ignore reports of child abuse and fish for information to discredit survivors.

The video also looks at the connections between Jimmy Savile, a network of ‘adventure’ camps (Outward Bound) and the British Royal Family.

As an adult, Phoenix reported to the British Police that as a child he was:

  • tortured and abused by many men
  • prostituted to many men
  • subjected to ritual abuse
  • witnessed the murder of a young girl Clare (or Claire) at an Outward Bound camp in Cumbria.

When Phoenix was a child, the Outward Bound organisation was under the directorship of Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was a patron of Outward Bound.

In the email exchange the London Metropolitan Police did not asked Phoenix one question about his report that a girl had been murdered.

Evildoers catch/ seize/ snatch/ ravish. God is more powerful than Satan.

Evildoers lurk to snatch the poor, seizing and ravishing the people they target. Wolves hunt to catch sheep. Let me show you some words and passages from the Bible which say this.

Psalm 10, 1662 Book of Common Prayer (minimally updated to modern English)
9 For he lies waiting secretly, as it were lion in his den; / he lurks that he may ravish the poor.
10 He ravishes the poor, / when he gets him into his net.
11 He stoops down and crouches, / that the poor may fall into the hands of his captains.
12 He has said in his heart, “Tush, God hath forgotten; / he hides away his face, and he will never see it.”

Psalm 10, Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
he lurks in secret like a lion in a thicket.
He lurks in order to seize the afflicted;
he seizes the afflicted and drags him in his net.
10 So he is oppressed and beaten down;
the helpless fall because of his strength.
11 He says to himself, “God has forgotten;
He hides His face and will never see.”

The words ravish / seize which I emphasised above are translations of the Hebrew word chataph חָטַף. That word occurs only three times in the Old Testament; twice in Psalm 10 and once in the book of Judges. To talk about its use in Judges I’ll need to explain the backstory.

Judges 21 recounts a historical event in the early history of the Israelites. The offspring of the 12 sons of Jacob became known as twelve tribes of Israel. Chapters 19 & 20 of the book of Judges recount how and why an inter-tribal war was fought between the tribes of Jacob, one tribe against the other eleven tribes, and how the eleven tribes eventually defeated the one tribe. Chapter 21 of Judges recounts what happened after that war—men prioritised the feelings of other men over the feelings of women and the choices women might wish to exercise in saying who they will marry.

The men from the eleven victorious tribes invited and allowed the surviving men from the defeated tribe to seize/ snatch/ catch their daughters and take them as wives.

In other words, these men — from all 12 tribes of Jacob – collectively deemed that the feelings, preferences, dignity, and choices of young women were less important than the need for men from the defeated tribe to get wives and thereby produce offspring to enable the defeated tribe to keep on going down the generations.

Please don’t think this story is recorded in the Bible to encourage such callous behaviour by men. Quite the opposite. This story (like all historical narratives in the Bible) has been recorded and preserved for our instruction. We need to read it with wisdom, bearing in mind that the refrain throughout the Book of Judges is “In those days, men did what was right in their own eyes.”

In my view, this account in Judges 21 shows us how easily male human beings can collectively decide to prioritise the feelings and preferences of men over the feelings and preferences of women. It illustrates how easily men can join together to entice/ persuade/ push a certain course of action on women so that men can catch and seize those women. You can watch more about it here: My video on The Levite’s Concubine — Judges 19-21.

Now we can look at where Judges 21 uses the Hebrew word chatap חָטַף.

ESV  20 And they commanded the people of Benjamin, saying, “Go and lie in ambush in the vineyards 21 and watch. If the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in the dances, then come out of the vineyards and snatch each man his wife from the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin.

NIV  20 So they instructed the Benjamites, saying, “Go and hide in the vineyards 21 and watch. When the young women of Shiloh come out to join in the dancing, rush from the vineyards and each of you seize one of them to be your wife. Then return to the land of Benjamin.

KJV  20 Therefore they commanded the children of Benjamin, saying, Go and lie in wait in the vineyards; 21 And see, and, behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come ye out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin.

New Testament

There is a word in the New Testament which is roughly equivalent to the Hebrew word chataph חָטַף. This word is harpazō ἁρπάζω. It means to seize, carry off by force / to seize on, claim for one’s self eagerly / to snatch out or away. (link)

All the passages below are from the New Matthew Bible Version (NMB). Each rendering of the Greek work harpazō is emphasised in bold. First I will give the passages in the New Testament that speak about how Satan and his agents do their utmost to snatch away Truth and carry off people by force. Then I will show you the good news — that God’s power to ‘catch up’ is greater than Satan’s.

Satan and his agents snatch the Truth away and carry off people by force

John 10:11-13
[Jesus said:] 11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. 12 But a hired servant, who is not the shepherd, neither are the sheep his own, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep, and flees; and the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep. 13 The hired servant flees because he is a hired servant, and does not care for the sheep.

Matthew 11:12
From the time of John the Baptist to now, the kingdom of heaven is sorely pressed, and those who go to it with effort seize it for themselves.

Matthew 13:19
Whosoever hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, there comes the evil one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart; and this is he who received the seed by the wayside.

John 6:15
When Jesus perceived that they wanted to come and take him up to make him king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone.

Acts 23:10
And when great controversy arose, the captain, fearing lest Paul should be pulled apart by them, commanded the soldiers to go down and take him from among them, and to bring him into the castle.

God has the power to transport his people supernaturally: from one place to another on this physical earth, or from this physical earth to heaven.

Acts 8:39
And as soon as they had come out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, and the chamberlain saw him no more. And he went on his way rejoicing.

2 Cor 12:2-4
I know a man in Christ about fourteen years ago (whether he was in the body I cannot tell, or whether he was out of the body I cannot tell, God knows) who was taken up into the third heaven. And I know the same man (whether in the body or out of the body I cannot tell, God knows), how he was taken up into Paradise and heard words not to be spoken, which no man can utter.

Rev 12:5
And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all the nations with a rod of iron. And her Son [Jesus Christ] was taken up to God and to his seat.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
I would not, brethren, have you be ignorant concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow like others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, so then also those who sleep in Jesus, God will bring again with him. And this we say to you in the word of the Lord: we who live and are remaining at the coming of the Lord will not precede those who sleep. For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, and the voice of the archangel, and the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will arise first. Then shall we who live and remain be caught up with them also in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.

When a person trusts in God’s promises, nothing can snatch that person out of God’s hand.

John 10:27-28
[Jesus said:] My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give to them eternal life. And they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

SRA survivor testimony of Toos Nijenhuis

TRIGGER WARNING: This testimony contains depictions that are reminiscent of Satanic Ritual Abuse and may trigger survivors and disturb most people. Watch under your own responsibility.

Testimony of Toos Nijenhuis

Toos (from the family Nijenhuis) is a 54 year old Dutch lady who testifies that she was ritually raped, tortured & trafficked from age 4 to 12 by her parents, grandparents, family doctor, Freemasons, Catholic clergy, Protestant clergy, and members of Royal Families.

Toos described various acts of sexual abuse and torture, as well as being made to partake in human hunting games at castles all over Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Wales and Scotland.

She witnessed children being killed. She was made to participate in cannibalism.

The list of perpetrator names given by Toos included high members of royalty & church — Prince Philip, Lord Moundbatten, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Alfrink, Prince Bernhard, Menachem Mendel Schneerson,

If you know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, please be brave and ask God to help you be vigilant and discerning so you do not succumb to the strong delusion.

Jesus can take the sting out

Click here if you want to learn more about the strong delusion.

Cheryl Beck’s testimony of Luciferian ritual abuse and child trafficking

Cheryl Beck is one of many survivors of Luciferian ritual abuse who have become Christians and testified about their experiences.

Cheryl was told the Gospel of Jesus Christ before she was sprinkle baptized in a Protestant church, and believing, received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at age two.

This post features several different interviews with Cheryl.

Luciferians use torture-based mind control (TBMC) on children and adults. If you don’t yet know about this stuff, brace yourself.

I urge you to listen and learn. I urge everyone of good will to become informed. By becoming informed you can help other people wake up.

If you are a sincere follower of Jesus Christ I urge you to learn about this heinous evil so you can believe, support and pray for the victims. Let us pray that Jesus will continue to shine light on the dark and evil schemes of those who have assented to the evil. Let us pray that God will prevent and convict and bring justice to the perpetrators.

Cheryl appeals to Christians

Please, Christian brothers and sisters, we are at Critical Mass with the depths of evils being exposed around the world! Christians should be the First Responders to traumatized, hurting people, because we have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit available to us!

Instead, it has been my experience as an SRA survivor, to be shut out of my Church Family because they wanted their Comfortable, Bless ME Jesus, Happy Place not to be rattled by the horrors I was facing in suddenly being flooded by the memories of my childhood. I was a Worship Leader, Sunday School teacher, nurse on call to everyone, and so on…, but the Pastors and elders turned on me so viciously, I had to leave and nobody even tried to understand my plight.

Over 200 church “Family” members left me absolutely alone, started horrible rumors about me in our small town, and have shunned me still standing in that wrong judgment for 20 yrs.

I have STILL tried to warn them of pedophiles, satanists, and witches in the congregation through the years, and they would not hear. Now they are fully immersed in Luciferian music and teachings, and it’s so sad.

Jesus redeemed us and gave us such profound authority through His shed blood for such a time as this! Yet, so many refuse to know the Truth and engage the enemy and save lives.

We need First Responders and Rescuers, not ostriches with their heads in the sand.

comment by Cheryl at my post “Why is the church so slow at responding rightly to the epidemic of abuse?”

Interviews with Cheryl Beck

None of these interviews have disturbing images of heinous abuse, but Cheryl does describe some horrific things that Luciferians do to their victims. Some of the links go to YouTube. (If you aren’t logged in to YouTube you will be asked to sign in to verify your age when you click on the link.) Some of the links begin mid-point in the video, the point at which the interview with Cheryl begins.

If you find it painful to hear a testimony from a survivor of Torture-Based Mind-Control, Jesus can take the sting out.

Northwest Liberty News first interview with Cheryl Beck

Watch/listen by clicking this^ link. Or view it on YouTube.
Northwest Liberty News are planning more interviews with Cheryl.

Topics covered: child trafficking, what Luciferians believe, Luciferian practices, blood rituals, rape & torture of children, ‘expendable children’, bloodlines, gematria. Nazis, Project OFTEN, OSS transition to CIA, MKUltra. Trauma used to induce dissociation in children, hypnotising (scripting) the dissociated child to create & program alters. Different roles given to people in the cult. How the cult rebuilds programming when it breaks down. Disney and Hollywood. Trophy jewellery and red shoes. Cheryl’s father designed a Luciferian altar for the ‘Lutheran’ church which he took his family to. The CIA was unsuccessful in using virtual-reality-tech to induce Cheryl to believe in aliens. Demonic takeover of persons: black eyes (no whites, no coloured iris, ‘reptilian eyes’. The name of Jesus overpowers demons.

Field McConnell’s first interview with Cheryl Beck

Topics covered: some of the above, plus more on Cheryl’s childhood. The Lutheran church her family went to which was a front for Luciferians. How she accepted Jesus when she was two. The breeding of children for trafficking. Keeping children in cages underground. The power of Jesus over Luciferians and demons. Using the name of Jesus to command the demons.

Field McConnell’s second interview with Cheryl Beck

Topics covered include Luciferian practices around Halloween/Samhein. The death of G.H.W. Bush (~29:00). Blood sacrifices where the Luciferians conjur demons (1:11:30). Cheryl says: “mainline churches are heavily involved” (47:00). She outlines how Christians can pray and stand in the gap (50:50) – pray by repenting and asking forgiveness for not knowing about the work of the cult; ask the Lord to free the children.

Victuras Libertas interview with Cheryl Beck.

Topics covered include some of the above, but more detail given on some parts of Cheryl’s life. You will see and hear Jim and Angie, husband and wife, both Christians, compassionately talking to and interviewing Cheryl.

FACT: Heinous abuse IS being done by Luciferians / child traffickers / pedophiles / global crime cartel / intelligence agencies / many ‘c’hristian leaders. It is a business plan. A very lucrative business plan.

Drawings by Cheryl Beck

Click here to see Cheryl’s drawings: her memories being tortured and programmed.

Bio of Cheryl Hersha

True to known programming breakdown, Cheryl Hersha and her sister Lynn began remembering a sinister and evil upbringing in 1996, as memories and alters holding memories began to surface. The more they talked to each other, the more they remembered. Cheryl is now fully integrated and healed from the psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds from the first traumatic 18 yrs of her life. However, the physical damage has left her permanently disabled and 7 years past her prognosis with a rare neurological disorder.

Cheryl is a born-again Christian, was married for 28 years, is a mother of four adult children, and is now a forcibly retired (disabled) RN, who lives in the Southwest USA. Cheryl was active in the survivor communities of both MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse, until her health plummeted. She has written under her pen name, C.A.Beck, for decades.

Cheryl has been compelled to speak out once again “for the innocents who cannot speak”, since Wikileaks broke the Pedogate story; the same life she lived in the 1960s and 70s, when trafficked by both her Family and the CIA.

Cheryl Beck is also know as Cheryl Hersha Beck. Due to security-sensitive careers that some of her children have, she regrets she cannot show her face for interviews, as requested by their employers.

—adapted from the description at the Victuras Libertas interview of Cheryl

For further reading and viewing

Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage — Kindle book co-authored by Cheryl ‘Hersha’ Beck, Lynn ‘Hersha’ (Cheryl’s sister), Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz. You might be able to get this e-book for free if you ask you local library.

Cheryl Beck’s YouTube channel: Playlist of interviews with Cheryl

Drawings by other SRA survivors — Carole Rutz, Keely S Dorran, and Lynn Schirmer. Also poems, letters, paintings, drawings and photos by survivors presented to a United Nations Commission on the Status of Women panel in 2004.

Victuras Libertas YouTube channel: Playlist on Human Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Follow Cheryl Beck on twitter: @CABeck1961