Billy Graham was corrupt. Part 1.

Billy Graham is known as a great Christian evangelist, but evidence points to him being a fake Christian who secretly practised evil.

This post presents evidence that Billy Graham was a Freemason.  Please don’t blow this off. Read and weigh the evidence I am presenting. Throughout this Billy Graham series I will be giving as many links to original sources as I can.

Billy Graham was present at a 33rd degree Freemason initiation ceremony.  We know this from the testimony of James Shaw who was a high level Freemason before he found Christ. Jim Shaw testified that at the ritual where he was initiated into the 33rd degree, Billy Graham was present. Only 33rd Degree Masons and candidates participate in that initiation. Jim Shaw co-wrote The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders (Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney, 1988). The book’s publisher, Huffington House, refused to print the book unless they took out Billy Graham’s name and substituted it with a general description on page 104 (“internationally prominent evangelist”).

Shirley Ford’s testimony:

from Or

For additional proof, Shirley Ford pointed readers to a geocities webpage:

from Or

The geocities link which Shirley had given is dead, but it had been saved at the web archive. So I took screen shots from the web archive. Each image in the series below  includes a bit of the previous image, to verify that they were all taken from the same place. The last three images in the series show a letter from Tom McKenney. The letter by Tom McKenney is REALLY IMPORTANT. It names the men who were present at Jim Shaw’s initiation into the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Tom McKenney stated that in the original MS of The Deadly Deception, Jim Shaw said that Billy Graham, the King of Denmark, Trueman, Eisenhower, Norman Vincent Peale, Daniel Polling and J Edgar Hoover were all present at his initiation into the 33rd Degree.



The next image names the men present at the initiation. The right hand margin of the letter is cut off but you can make out the meaning.

The next image is from page 104 of The Deadly Deception as published by Huffington Press. You can see “an internationally prominent evangelist”. (I took this image from pg 51 of this PDF of the Deadly Deception .)

The next image shows that this took place at the 33rd Degree initiation ceremony.

I have been advocating for abuse victims in the church for more than two decades. I know how hard it is for victims of abuse to find justice in the church. Could this be partly due to the influence of Billy Graham?

Part 2  will present evidence that Billy Graham was sexually immoral.

Download a PDF of The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney.


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Author: Barbara Roberts

Christian. Survivor of abuse. Advocate for victims of abuse.

24 thoughts on “Billy Graham was corrupt. Part 1.”

  1. Your evidence makes sense to me, Barbara. I did not read all the references you provide, but those written in this post. It is another piece of a much bigger puzzle. I wonder if you had inklings about Billy Graham for a long time.

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    1. Hi Charleston. For a long time I have sensed that celebrity christians are corrupt, but had not particularly thought that about Billy Graham because I did not give him a lot of thought. I was alerted to his corruption when I read Fiona Barnett’s testimony about him. I will be sharing Fiona’s testimony about Bill Graham later in this series.


      1. Appreciate your sharing this information, there were and are several Freemasons in such high profile positions. Absolutely not surprised at all that Billy Graham was one.

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  2. I am so glad you wrote this! I don’t follow much about Billy Graham, but have heard about him being a false teacher. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. When I started to hear these stories I realised that the church has for millennia been infiltrated by freemasons or their equivalent. (always knew the modern church structure as off as much as I loved it) The church as 2k ago has no resemblance to what we see now. I would challenge anyone to show me where the blueprint of the modern organised church is shown to be the plan by Yahushua or western Jesus. You will not find it anywhere. Read Galatians as though you never read it before in one go.

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  4. Amen Barbara, plus he had terrible theology. God guides us into TRUTH, not lies and errors and BG was full of errors and lies.

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  5. The largest disconnect and error that can been understood is not knowing the scriptures as to what saving faith is. Then living in it, of course!

    But what is saving faith as revealed? Belief? Sinners repentant prayer?


    1. Hello Kristine, I do think that a common error in the visible church is not knowing the scriptures as to what saving faith is. I watched the video you linked to but I do not wish to share it with my readers, so I deleted the link.


      1. Hi Barbara– Thank you for responding. Interesting you agree about saving faith.
        For the video study, just over 11 minutes in duration, I’m unsure why you would not share if it is the truth.

        If it is NOT the truth contained in the scriptures, would you not be obligated to inform me otherwise?



        1. Hello Kristine, I am not obligated to inform you… and the reason I have not explained is that I do not have time. There were small things in the presentation that I thought were not sound. Small things only.


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