What is this website about?

Extreme types of abuse. And what the bible has to say about it.

The bible has MUCH to tell us about

  • the tactics and mindset of abusers
  • how we can best respond to abusers
  • how God hates the evildoers
  • how God deals with evildoers
  • how God comforts the oppressed, the abuse victims
  • how abuse victims respond to and resist abuse.

I intend to bring a biblical perspective to many kinds of abuse:

  • sexual abuse
  • intimate partner abuse and abuse by family members
  • abuse by wolves (intentional evildoers) in the visible church
  • abuse by demonic entities
  • abuse by Luciferian/Satanic groups that do horrendous things to children
  • systematised abuse, torture and mind control by the evildoers

All these types of abuse have been going on for millennia and the bible has a lot to say about them. I’ll be quoting from scripture a great deal.

If you don’t believe in God or read the bible, you may be surprised how much wisdom there is in the bible about evildoers and how we can best deal with them.

Evildoers have captured all the major institutions and systems in the world.

Christians ought not be surprised about this since the bible calls Satan the ruler of this world John 14:30; John 16:11; Luke 4:5-6 and the prince of this world John 12:31-33.

I do not glorify Satan. I expose Satan’s tactics and mindset. And his allies.

Some people on this earth are consciously working with and for Satan. Some of those people have high positions in churches.

I present evidence that some of the most respected leaders in the protestant church have been actively and wittingly serving Satan.

I do this using the bible, testimonies of victims of abuse, and my own observations and experiences. I cite the evidence and my sources. I don’t just make claims willy nilly.

The roman catholic church has a horrific track record of enabling pedophiles. The eastern orthodox churches may have a similar track record for all I know. But I focus on protestant churches because that branch of christendom is what I have experienced and closely observed.

The so-called ‘evangelical church’ is infested with wolves in shepherd’s clothing…and sheepish-leaders who for multitudes of reasons are not standing up to the wolves and kicking them out.

I give my perspective on the systematic infiltration and takeover of the so-called evangelical church by evildoers. I expose sacred cows.

I do not flinch at topics like

  • the massive corruption at high levels in the visible church
  • child sex trafficking
  • the deep state/global crime cartel which is masterminded by Satan
  • the mind-control garbage that Hollywood puts out
  • Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC)
  • MK-Ultra
  • the evils of Freemasonry
  • the control of the banking system in this world by a small number of families
  • Nazi infiltration into the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

I’m writing to all people of good-will. All people who have empathy and an active conscience. All people who want to protect children and disable the international crime cartel.

I’m also writing to those who have been manipulated, abused, blinded, tortured, blackmailed.

The bible urges us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

All of us can improve our skills of being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Whether or not you believe in God, whether or not you call yourself a Christian, I want to help you develop that wisdom.

And by the way, it sure helps if you come to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. But it’s God’s job to give you that revelation, not mine!

I won’t ram the bible down your throat. I will simply share with you some of the light it sheds on the critical situation we are facing now in which the evildoers have captured all the major institutions in society.