Dostoevsky foretold Covid-19, mass hypnosis and mass chaos

In Dostoevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment, the main character Raskolnikov has a dream. Uncannily —miraculously? — Raskolnikov’s dream foreshadowed what is going on in our world with Covid.

According to Mattias Desmet, Professor of Psychology at the University of Ghent in Belgium, what we are seeing in the Covid Era is a psychological phenomenon called mass formation. Mass Formation has occurred at other times in history, for example, Germany prior to the second world war, and Communist Russia. When mass formation occurs, 30% of people become part of a mass formation by completely believing in the dominant narrative which is propagated by verbal messages (propaganda). These 30% believe they are acting heroically in performing the rituals that the propagandists tell them to do in order to “deal with the enemy”. About 40% of people sense contradictions in the narrative, but they comply with the rituals and do not speak up against the narrative. The remainder of people are awake to the lies in the dominant narrative and speak out against the lies. Those pushing the dominant narrative go to great lengths to intimidate, censor and silence the opposition.

When mass formation occurs, it leads almost inevitably to totalitarianism. As soon the resistance (the voices of opposition) have been silenced, atrocities break out. A totalitarian regime always devours its own children. Bear this in mind as you read the dream below.

As far as I am aware, no one else who is awake to the Covid lies has written about how Raskolnikov’s dream depicted what has been happening since Covid-19 hit the headlines and what could transpire if the further chaos planned by oligarchy comes to pass. It is all the more striking when you consider that Crime and Punishment was first published in 1866.

He lay in the hospital all through the end of Lent and Holy Week. As he began to recover, he remembered his dreams from when he was still lying in feverish delirium. In his illness he had dreamed that the whole world was doomed to fall victim to some terrible, as yet unknown and unseen pestilence spreading to Europe from the depths of Asia. Everyone was to perish, except for certain, very few, chosen ones. Some new trichinae had appeared, microscopic creatures that lodged themselves in men’s bodies. But these creatures were spirits, endowed with reason and will. Those who received them into themselves immediately became possessed and mad. But never, never had people considered themselves so intelligent and unshakeable in the truth as did these infected ones. Never had they thought their judgements, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions and beliefs more unshakeable. Entire settlements, entire cities and nations would be infected and go mad. Everyone became anxious, and no one understood anyone else; each thought the truth was contained in himself alone, and suffered looking at others, beat his breast, wept, and wrung his hands. They did not know whom or how to judge, could not agree on what to regard as evil, what as good. They did not know whom to accuse, whom to vindicate. People killed each other in some sort of meaningless spite. They gathered into whole armies against each other, but, already on the march, the armies would suddenly begin destroying themselves, the ranks would break up, the soldiers would fall upon one another, stabbing and cutting, biting and eating one another. In the cities the bells rang all day long: everyone was being summoned, but no one knew who was summoning them or why, and everyone felt anxious. The most ordinary trades ceased, because everyone offered his own ideas, his own corrections, and no one could agree. Agriculture ceased. Here and there people would band together, agree among themselves to do something, swear never to part—but immediately begin something different from what they themselves had just suggested, begin accusing one another, fighting, stabbing. Fires broke out; famine broke out. Everyone and everything was perishing. The pestilence grew and spread further and further. Only a few people in the whole world could be saved; they were pure and chosen, destined to begin a new generation of people and a new life, to renew and purify the earth; but no one had seen these people anywhere, no one had heard their words or voices.

Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, pp 547-8, copyright  Vintage 2007, translated and annotated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, copyright Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky 1992. Reproduced in fair use as being in the public interest given current world events.

What moved Dostoevsky to write those words?  I am not claiming Dostoevsky must have been prophetically or divinely inspired when he wrote that paragraph. Nor am I suggesting that he was penning predictive programming like some 20th century novelists have done, for example, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I can only stand in awe of what Dostoevsky has bequeathed to the world.

May God give us wisdom, strength and endurance.


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Chris Martenson interviews Mattias Desmet Dec 3, 2021

Aubrey Marcus interviews Mattias Desmet Jan 14, 2022. This has a transcript as well as a video. The interview also touches on the tendency for ‘counter mass formation’ to develop in the people who are actively resisting the lies of the dominant narrative.

George Christensen interviews Mattias Desmet
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Phoenix was abused by the British Establishment

As a child, Phoenix was sexually abused, trafficked and subjected to ritual abuse and torture. He has reported this to the London Metropolitan Police and they have done nothing. He speaks with calmness and clarity about what was done to him, without going into really graphic detail. He exposes the hypocrisy of the British Establishment. I find his voice very easy to listen to. He is intelligent and incisive.

In these five videos he is talking with Aria, another survivor of abuse by the British Establishment. The banner image on their YouTube channel shows Phoenix and Aria; the girl whose face is half hidden is Phoenix’s sister.

Child Abuse at King’s House School, Richmond, London

Phoenix talks about his childhood abuse by King’s House School computer teacher, Alexander Anderson. Phoenix describes how Anderson would use a small attic space beside the computer room to isolate and sexually abuse children, often at weekends. At the time of this abuse, the school’s headmaster was Neville Chaplin. Chaplin was later charged with raping boys at another school he worked at.

A School Report: King’s House, Richmond, London

Phoenix takes a look back through school reports written by the teachers who abused him as a child. The reports reveal how the British education-system conditions young people from ‘elite’ families to become subservient to authority.

Abused at Scouts

Phoenix describes his experiences of being sexually abused as a child when attending cub scouts in London. Phoenix also describes the connections between the British Establishment and the Scouts, namely the covertly militaristic aspects of the organization. Specifically the ways in which those in the scouts are trained in similar ways to boy soldiers, being indoctrinated with: Saluting, uniforms, and ideas of supplication to late-20th-century folk-fantasy-figures like ‘God’ and the ‘Queen’.

The interview also covers news of the imminent collapse of the American Boy Scouts, on account of the volume of abuse survivors coming forward.

Sexually Abused by British Police

As a child, Phoenix was sexually abused by British Police officers. In this interview he describes one of his experiences of being sexually assaulted by representatives of the British Crown. He places his own experiences in the context of a society where children were routinely abused, and the police covered this up.

Phoenix also talks about how the police uniform uses Masonic symbolism.

How the British Establishment hide child abuse

Phoenix shows all the emails he has received from the British authorities from July 2018 to December 2019. These messages demonstrate exactly how the British Establishment ignore reports of child abuse and fish for information to discredit survivors.

The video also looks at the connections between Jimmy Savile, a network of ‘adventure’ camps (Outward Bound) and the British Royal Family.

As an adult, Phoenix reported to the British Police that as a child he was:

  • tortured and abused by many men
  • prostituted to many men
  • subjected to ritual abuse
  • witnessed the murder of a young girl Clare (or Claire) at an Outward Bound camp in Cumbria.

When Phoenix was a child, the Outward Bound organisation was under the directorship of Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was a patron of Outward Bound.

In the email exchange the London Metropolitan Police did not asked Phoenix one question about his report that a girl had been murdered.

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