My thoughts on Q

I’m using this video as my departure point — Q: The Plan to Save the world.

Q has done good by helping people expand their thinking. Q’s diagnosis of the problem is okay up to a point, but it doesn’t get to the root.

When there are faults or shortfalls in a diagnosis, the treatment plan will probably be inadequate. The treatment may mitigate some of the problem and reduce some of the suffering, but it won’t eradicate the problem and bring complete healing.

That video about Q says: “We realise that the problem was never capitalism or socialism, democrat or republican, black or white, muslim or Christian. We know it was just very powerful criminals who have too much power.”

It’s a faulty diagnosis because

  • it falls short
  • it implies that all religions are equally true
  • it casts the elite criminals as the enemy: “the greatest force of evil the world has ever known”.

Yes, there ARE very wealthy elite criminals who for generations have been enemies of ordinary people.

But the Bible says the real enemy, the one at the top of the hierarchy, is Satan: the fallen angel Lucifer.

The Bible refers to Satan as the adversary, the father of lies, the evil one. Satan is a spiritual being created by God. He is NOT as powerful as God. He is destined for the lake of fire.

The angel Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. He controls a hierarchy of fallen angels (aka demons) who fell with him when he was cast out.

Satan controls human beings who have given their souls to him. He also influences every human being in this world, some more than others. He does his best to blind, confuse and mislead us. And harm us.

Some human beings have been systematically tortured to make them into mind-controlled slaves for the use of the elite criminals. This is done by Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC). The CIA’s MK-Ultra program is a form of trauma based mind control.

It appears that the elite criminals have given their souls to Satan. They are what the Bible calls reprobate.

I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that henceforth you must not walk like other Gentiles walk, in vanity of their mind, blinded in their understanding, being alienated from the life that is in God, through the ignorance that is in them because of the blindness of their hearts; who, being past repentance, have given themselves over to wantonness, to work all manner of uncleanness, even with greediness.

Ephesians 4:17-19

Past repentance = reprobate. Here are some reprobates in the Bible: Judas, Esau, Pharaoh, the priest Eli and his sons Hophni and Phineas.

But has every MK-Ultra slave chosen to give his or her soul to Satan? To what degree has each of those slaves had a choice? Moot point.

‘Bounded choice’ refers to having a range of choices but all of the options are dangerous and will produce harm: harm to others or harm to yourself or both.

Luciferian bounded choice: Commit crimes at the behest of those who have power over you, or refuse to commit the crimes and get tortured.

Another example of bounded choice: Refuse to hurt or kill a child, and other people will hurt and kill the child…they will make sure the child suffers more pain and fear than if you had done the crimes to the child.

Factor in the dissociation that comes from Trauma Based Mind Control. Dissociated parts (alters) may or may not remember what other parts of the person have done.

Some victims of Trauma Based Mind Control have come to faith in Jesus Christ. This is the work of God. To set free the captives.

I am well aware that the institutional churches have been infiltrated by evildoers. Many or most or all institutions that call themselves churches have been deep captured by the cartel. (If you want to know what I mean by ‘deep capture’ watch Dr Katherine Horton’s video series System Analysis Basics.)

I follow the Bible. I do not have much respect for the institutional churches. I distrust many church leaders. I know that some church leaders are psychopaths and many others are blind to the presence of the wolves among them.

That video about Q says we have always accepted the turmoil and suffering in the world as “just human nature, and simply the way the world works, something inevitable, and due to the weaknesses of human nature that drives human actions.” It oversimplifies the problem and flatters us by saying: “We are not criminals. It is not in our nature to fight and be racist. It is not in our nature to rob from others.”

In contrast, the Bible says that ever since the Fall every human being (other than Jesus) has been born with a sin nature—a bias towards doing the wrong thing.

We may not all have committed crimes. But we have all sinned.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) Click here to read it in context.

The Bible says that the natural human is spiritually dead and under the wrath of God; but God has provided a remedy: salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

There is no salvation for Satan and the demons. There IS salvation for all human beings who repent and believe by faith in Jesus.

If you want to know more about salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, click here. And here.

If you want to know more about how Jesus can heal the broken hearted, click here.

Jesus will come again to judge the world. He will pour out His wrath on the evildoers. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)

Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Donald Trump and his allies may be able to partly put the brakes on some elite criminals and get some of them jailed. But the Pentagon and Donald Trump are not the Messiah.

What is the likelihood that at least some of the senior people in the Pentagon are psychopaths? Maybe they are not part of the elite cabal, but systems analysis tells us that psychopaths often rise to the top in large organisations. (see System Analysis Basics)

Can we really believe that there are no psychopaths in high positions in US Military Intelligence? Or in any military organisation?

Power corrupts. Human beings who possess power tend to become corrupt. Large organisations become corrupt because psychopaths work their way to the top of the organisation.

Power corrupts your perception of the truth and your sense of right and wrong so you lose your compass.

Jeffrey Epstein was in prison when he died or was disappeared. No prison officers have been sacked for dereliction of duty. The head of that prison ought to have been fired. So far as I am aware, Trump and Attorney General Barr haven’t done anything to prosecute the people who are responsible for Epstein’s death or disappearance.

Does Q ever point to let alone honour the real victims who have been trying to expose child sex trafficking for years?

Jesus can take the sting out

Balm in Gilead

To know about the depths of evil can be overwhelming. When I hear victims testify about the horrible things that the Luciferians did to them, I have sometimes felt overwhelmed.

You may know that I am a born again Christian. I know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I did not in any way seek for Jesus. I hated Jesus. I thought Christianity was a load of bollocks. But God revealed to me the truth that Jesus is God and He loves me.

It took me quite a while to recalibrate after I met Jesus.

When I feel overwhelmed by hearing accounts of what the evildoers (especially the Luciferians) do to their victims, I ask Jesus to take the sting out. 

I pray to Jesus. Knowing Him as my Lord and Saviour, I utter in spoken words or say in my mind:

“Dear Lord –  my mind, my heart, my soul cannot bear this stuff. I don’t want to block out this stuff by going into amnesia. I want to remember the facts of it, but my mind can’t bear the pain and horror. You know the pain and horror. You bore it all on the Cross. Please take the sting out so my mind can remember the facts without my heart being whited-out by the abominations that evildoers do.”

My human frail mind cannot bear the sting: it is too overwhelming to think with my heart and soul, empathetically, with and for the victims of these evildoers.

But Jesus can and has borne the sting—He bore it on the Cross. He willingly suffered the wrath of God for all sins that human beings have and will ever commit.

He can and He does take away the sting so that I can remember and think about the evil without being overwhelmed by it.

This is my experience. This is my testimony.


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