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Since 2012, the A Cry For Justice blog has been seeking to awaken the evangelical church to domestic violence and abuse in its midst.

It also talks about sexual abuse (childhood or adulthood) and spiritual abuse by church leaders and professing ‘c’hristians.

Quick links to key stuff:

  • FAQs – the common questions Christian victims of domestic abuse ask
  • New Users – tips to help you guard your safety when commenting at A Cry For Justice.
Cairns News

North Queensland People Power News Service

I Love To Go A Gardening

Growing Our Life in Northern Michigan


Random Thoughts of Alex Thompson

SBC Voices

Southern Baptist News & Opinion

With Meagre Powers

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Healing from ritual abuse and mind control

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Exposing Australia's VIP Child Abuse Network

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Recovery from ritual abuse and mind control brainwashing

Be Outside the Camp

Everyone who sought the Lord would go out to the tent of meeting, which was outside the camp. So let us go out to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach. Exodus 33:7b, Hebrews 13:13

Here's the Joy

Barbara Roberts does her bit to expose the strong delusion

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An Australian Experience of Ritual Abuse & Military Mind Control

Spiritual Battles

shining a light on dysfunctional & predatory behaviors in the Christian community

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