Jesus can take the sting out

Balm in Gilead

To know about the depths of evil can be overwhelming. When I hear victims testify about the horrible things that the Luciferians did to them, I have sometimes felt overwhelmed.

You may know that I am a born again Christian. I know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I did not in any way seek for Jesus. I hated Jesus. I thought Christianity was a load of bollocks. But God revealed to me the truth that Jesus is God and He loves me.

It took me quite a while to recalibrate after I met Jesus.

When I feel overwhelmed by hearing accounts of what the evildoers (especially the Luciferians) do to their victims, I ask Jesus to take the sting out. 

I pray to Jesus. Knowing Him as my Lord and Saviour, I utter in spoken words or say in my mind:

“Dear Lord –  my mind, my heart, my soul cannot bear this stuff. I don’t want to block out this stuff by going into amnesia. I want to remember the facts of it, but my mind can’t bear the pain and horror. You know the pain and horror. You bore it all on the Cross. Please take the sting out so my mind can remember the facts without my heart being whited-out by the abominations that evildoers do.”

My human frail mind cannot bear the sting: it is too overwhelming to think with my heart and soul, empathetically, with and for the victims of these evildoers.

But Jesus can and has borne the sting—He bore it on the Cross. He willingly suffered the wrath of God for all sins that human beings have and will ever commit.

He can and He does take away the sting so that I can remember and think about the evil without being overwhelmed by it.

This is my experience. This is my testimony.


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Author: Barbara Roberts

Christian. Survivor of abuse. Advocate for victims of abuse.

9 thoughts on “Jesus can take the sting out”

  1. This is beautiful, Barbara. When people share their horror stories with me, my prayer for several years has been for the Lord to increase my capacity. He has been faithfully doing that.


  2. I too as a therapist have heard scores of accounts of extreme abuse such as ritual abuse and am grieved over the churches denial of this issue and struggle, just yesterday I saw yet another christian client who has sought help for over 20 years only to find none. However I find that as taxing as it is that Christ can give the grace for healing and indeed “take the sting out”


    1. “…as a therapist have heard scores of accounts of extreme abuse such as ritual abuse.”

      Thank you Robyn Van der Zee for giving your ^ testimony. 🙂
      It is really important that church folk pay attention to testimonies such as yours.

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  3. Thirty years ago, Lenten season, my first recall of abuse flashed like a picture on a screen. I knew immediately who and where, tucked away for decades. I sobbed, quietly, only to see another quick flash, immediately knowing the different who and where. My healing journey continues, now learning healthy ways of relating in life. As a 4 year old, I understood of God’s love, expressed through simplicity. Within a month of my simple prayer to “give my heart to Jesus”, the first extreme abuse occurred. My simple desire to embrace God has made all the difference, my hope, as I have confronted memories of wickedness and violence done onto me, as a child.

    For the last 15 years, I have been in the care of an extremely gifted therapist who has very slowly guided me to trust, so that, finally, I opened the gate to step into my interior garden of dissociative features a few shorts years ago. He is a neuropsychologist living out his deep trust in God. He once told me of the season when he knew that DID was very real and began learning when there was not much information available to help people who are now his long term clients.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Charleston. You have been indeed blessed with that therapist. I am thanking God for gifting the therapist with the desire and ability to work with Christians like you.


      1. Only Jesus could, truly, take the sting out, Barbara. I had not thought of putting it in these words, but “sting” speaks volumes to me. I have experienced tears that gently sting when breaking through the tear duct. I know the sting of heavy thistle thorns breaking into the callouses of my summer bare feet. I see the redness on the cheek of a stinging slap, drawing hot, burning tears to sooth the inner wounding.

        Now, I recall the Good Friday service that I experienced just weeks after returning from a 6 week in-house, mental treatment center, including Electro-convulsive Therapy. The body memories, a voice within jeering that I was not a child of God, as I argued back in my little girl voice, “Yes I am”. Lastly, an attempted suicide because I understood that that’s what I had to do because I had begun “telling”. Yet, I did not understand that these were “parts of me actually telling what I had experienced as a child”.

        My first (extremely unqualified) therapist and other “Christians” were explaining that I needed the demons called out. The church did much harm, creating more PTSD. At the same time, other true believers surrounded me in love, expressed in innumerable ways.

        A beautiful soloist, during that Good Friday Service, sang a favorite song of mine, “There is a Savior…..His eyes of mercy….”

        Jesus gently soothed a healing balm that draws the sting out, through that song. Thank you for helping me KNOW in so many memories that Jesus has, over and over, taken the sting out so that experiences of mine and the stories of others can be bearable.

        Note: The neuropsychologist who guides me, is my 3rd therapist. No one should give up their search for the correct one.


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