Why is the church so slow at responding rightly to the epidemic of abuse?

I see ‘c’hristian organisations:

  • abusing vulnerable people in the pews
  • abusing church attenders who blow the whistle on abusers
  • dragging their feet when it comes to responding justly to victims and  preventing further abuse

I see many leaders in the ‘c’hurch using weasel words, evasion, obfuscation, lies and half truths, virtue signalling. I see them breaking promises and focusing on their own image-management.

Why is the ‘c’hurch so slow at responding rightly to the epidemic of abuse?

  • Is it a lack of education or training?
  • Wrong teaching by church leaders?
  • Wrong doctrine?

Yes, those things are part of the problem. But there is a deeper reason. The rot goes deeper. The mystery of iniquity goes deeper.

Most / All Christian denominations and organisations have been infiltrated by evildoers. The corruption and deception is far deeper than many Christians realise.

Evildoers who masquerade as Christians have mastered the art of wearing sheep’s or shepherd’s clothing.

They have chosen to grossly indulge in the lusts of the flesh when Satan offered them those pleasures and they chose to accept his offer. They have chosen to enjoy the gifts that Satan offers them: wealth and power to intimidate and control other people.

By their choice to keep on suppressing their conscience they are (have become) psychopaths.

The Bible calls psychopaths—children of the devil, sons of Belial.

Psychopaths are human agents in a designed scheme that is masterminded by Satan/Lucifer.

The mystery of iniquity is masterminded by Satan.

In subsequent posts I will be featuring testimonies from people who have suffered extreme abuse from evildoers. Many of the testimonies will be from professing Christians. Some will be from survivors of Torture Based Mind Control, Child Trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse. Some will be from whistle-blowers who are advocating for the survivors.

The devil is Satan… otherwise known as Lucifer.

How can we be sure that Lucifer is Satan? Here’s an article which will take you only a minute or two to read. It sets out what the Bible says about Lucifer: Is Lucifer Satan? 

I write the word Satan with a capital S because I know he is a formidable enemy. Writing his name in the lower case does not make him any less dangerous: it only comforts the timid sheep who flinch from the reality of how formidable and cunning and crafty Satan is.

Lucifer is not God. Lucifer never was God. Lucifer never will be God.

He is only a created being— one of the many angelic beings which God created. Lucifer in his pride wanted to be revered as God.

Lucifer was, is, and will always be a created being

God created the heavens (the cosmos), the earth, all the angelic beings, all the human beings, the animals, the plants and the microorganisms. (Genesis 1)

Lucifer appears to have been one of the archangels.  But in his pride Lucifer intransigently set himself in rebellion against God.  God cast Lucifer out of heaven. It was a just and right consequence for an archangel who thinks he is God. Lucifer brought his perdition on himself. 

That’s the story of Lucifer the fallen angel. In the Bible and in everyday speech we call him Satan, the devil, the evil one, the adversary, the father of lies.

Satan is crafty and devious, cunning, beguiling. He weaves webs of lies and deception. He puts on and takes off multiple masks. He switches and adapts his masks to whatever he thinks will best work to entrap people – to suck them in and blind them so they end up with him in the Lake of Fire.

Satan can be intimidating, confusing, domineering, scornful, nice as pie, disrespectful, generous, punitive, ingratiating, arrogant, obsequious, terrifying, bewitching, glamorous, a towering inferno, humble, sympathetic, stony, foul mouthed, soft as butter, pitiful, distracting, empathetic, enticing, obscure, exciting, charismatic, mysterious, stealthy, angelic, covert, in your face, munificent, malignant, benevolent, nefarious, hurtful, helpful, cruel, malicious, vindictive, — anything and everything apart from being consistently HONEST and TRUE and TRUSTWORTHY in both word and deed.

God is honest, true, trustworthy, righteous, just, merciful, loving and forgiving to all who in humility and honesty seek him, turn from their sins, and trust in his promises.

Evildoers have infiltrated and captured all the major institutions of society.  I encourage you to watch this video by Dr Katherine Horton. She explains how evildoers capture organisations and institutions in society.  The link takes you to part 4 of her series Fighting Psychopathic Systems.

The Nazi mindset and methods are alive and well and thriving in the world. They have developed much more sophisticated methods than they were using during the second world war. What they’ve been doing has been covered up for a long time, but it is being exposed. More and more victims are recovering their memories. They are sharing their testimonies on social media because the mainstream media is infiltrated by the evildoers.

Professing Christians need to wake up and pay attention. Otherwise their profession of Christ is lukewarm and shallow. What does God do with lukewarm believers? He spews them out of his mouth (Rev. 3:16 — read it for yourself).

To folks who do not know Jesus but are courageously standing against the global network of evildoers:  Thank-you for standing up against the pedo degenerates who are serving the plan that is masterminded by Satan. Thank you for exposing and denouncing the evildoers. I wish more Christians would do what you are doing!  I hope each and every one of you comes to know Jesus Christ personally as your Lord and Saviour.

If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please be brave and ask God to help you be vigilant and discerning so you do not succumb to the strong delusion.

Why I talk about the mystery of iniquity and the strong delusion.


Further reading

Church Pedophiles & Child Sex Trafficking Nests Intersect by The Thousands — from Corey’s Digs. The article focuses only on the USA, but what Corey is describing seems to be consistent with what is going on in the rest of the world.

Author: Barbara Roberts

Christian. notunderbondage.com. cryingoutforjustice.blog. mysteryofiniquity.blog. Survivor of abuse. Advocate for victims of abuse.

10 thoughts on “Why is the church so slow at responding rightly to the epidemic of abuse?”

  1. Yes! Please, Christian brothers and sisters, we are at Critical Mass with the depths of evils being exposed around the world! Christians should be the First Responders to traumatized, hurting people, because we have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit available to us!

    Instead, it has been my experience as an SRA survivor, to be shut out of my Church Family because they wanted their Comfortable, Bless ME Jesus, Happy Place not to be rattled by the horrors I was facing in suddenly being flooded by the memories of my childhood. I was a Worship Leader, Sunday School teacher, nurse on call to everyone, and so on…, but the Pastors and elders turned on me so viciously, I had to leave and nobody even tried to understand my plight.

    Over 200 church “Family” members left me absolutely alone, started horrible rumors about me in our small town, and have shunned me still standing in that wrong judgment for 20 yrs.

    I have STILL tried to warn them of pedophiles, satanists, and witches in the congregation through the years, and they would not hear.

    Now they are fully immersed in Luciferian music and teachings, and it’s so sad.

    Jesus redeemed us and gave us such profound authority through His shed blood for such a time as this! Yet, so many Refuse to know the Truth and engage the enemy and save lives.

    We need First Responders and Rescuers, not ostriches with their heads in the sand.


    1. I’ve experienced the same “blind-eye” in a very affluent church. The leadership actually told me to take my children and go to the homeless shelter, which I did.

      Thank you for sharing the fact that these people ARE NOT God’s people!


    2. Wow, C.A. Beck, I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much. I’ve never been through anything as horrific as SRA. However, I can relate to your struggle a little bit because I was abused by a parent and church only made it worse. I found that most Christians are horrifically selfish when it comes to the issue of abuse, any kind of abuse. They don’t want to hear about it, don’t want to think about it, because the issue of abuse makes them feel uncomfortable and they selfishly care more about their own personal comfort than they do about abuse victims. Anyway, again, I’m so very sorry that you’ve suffered so and that the so-called “church” has only made things worse. ((HUGS))


  2. Barb, this is well written and great context for the biggest issue facing organised Christianity today.
    My two cents –

    Why is the ‘c’hurch so slow at responding rightly to the epidemic of abuse?”

    Because no one wants to see it let alone deal with it! The internal abuse spoils the picture they have of themselves.

    There are three types of people in the church, as there are elsewhere. In Christian terms, they are Sheep, Shepherds and Wolves.

    The Sheep are told that if they come along on Sunday, wave their hands in the air just so, sing the songs just so and believe the things they are told, they will become the children of God just so and Redemption is assured. They are amongst all good people with the Wolves prowling around outside in the ‘world’. So they feel safe and good about themselves in this fantasy world.

    The Shepherds tell this story just so and feel mighty important preaching this Feel-Good News and all will be well. God is smiling down on them. The importance they feel becomes pride and distorted perceptions set in. Soon the Shepherds are attached to this image of the good people safe inside being led by good Shepherds (themselves) and the bad people (the Wolves) are all outside. So the Shepherds feel important in this fantasy world and become reliant on it.

    The Wolves love this story because, in this story, the Wolves do not exist inside the walls of this feel-good-social-club and are free to fleece and cull the sheep at will. They are invisible. And the sheep and the shepherds will cover for them whenever the reality threatens to break cover and become visible because everyone is all too attached to this fantasy feel-good safe world within the church.

    Then someone like C A Beck comes along to blow the whistle to alert and protect others from the Wolves in their midst and gets attacked by all the feel-good Sheep and Shepherds who would rather live in a fantasy.

    Well, there is definitely someone smiling down at all this fantasy (lies) and it is definitely not God.


    1. Thank you James!

      I love the way you put this. Sheep. Shepherds. Wolves. All are in the church.

      WOLVES in the church prey on the sheep. They will also prey on shepherds who are a true shepherds.

      In what I’m going to say next, I am generalising. Dear reader: use your own brain and logic to think about what I’m saying.

      SHEPHERDS in the church could be broadly categorised into two groups.

      (i) Shepherds who are true under-shepherds for Jesus Christ. True under-shepherds in the church must personally know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour; they must be following Christ and heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit. They must ALSO possess the personal qualities necessary to be capable leaders. Read this guest post by James where he describes in detail the personal qualities necessary to be a good leader: Logic and Authority in the Church.

      (ii) Hired-hand-shepherds (John 10:12). These people have been given the office of shepherd by the church/denomination. Hired-hand-shepherds will be easily manipulated by the wolves in the church. Wolves will manipulate incompetent shepherds so that they, the wolves, can get away with preying on the sheep. Furthermore, the wolves will do their best to recruit the hired-hand-shepherds to become wolves like themselves. Wolves will use blackmail and other devious arts to recruit the hired-hand-shepherds to get them join in or go along with the wolfish evil agenda. Hired-hand-shepherds may be wittingly or unwittingly complying with the wolfish agenda. The wolves’ agenda is masterminded by Satan. Some of the people who fall into the ‘hired-hand-shepherd’ group may personally know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour but because they do not have the personal qualities to be a true under-shepherd and they don’t have much capacity for independent thinking, they are easy prey for the wolves and the wolf-master Satan.

      SHEEP, like shepherds, fall broadly speaking into two groups:

      (i) Those who personally know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour — i.e., they have been born again. They may not possess (or yet have developed) the qualities required to be a true shepherd (see the link I gave above). They are happy and willing to be led by shepherds. Because the church is heavily weighted with hired-hand–shepherds, and fair proportion of those hired-hand-shepherds are also wolves or have been recruited or blackmailed into complying with the wolfish agenda (the agenda of Satan) these sheep can have a hard time discerning between the true shepherds and the hired-hand-shepherds.

      (ii) Those who have believed in a “Story Faith” but who are not actually born again — so they do not personally know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. These are the ones who are happy with the church being a social club. They buy pretty much whatever the shepherds tell them. They don’t have much capacity for independent thinking. They tend to read the Bible rarely and then only skim it.


    2. “Well, there is definitely someone smiling down at all this fantasy (lies) and it is definitely not God.”

      Chilling words, James. Chilling words because they’re so very true.


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